Nedre Hagbyåns fiskevårdsområde

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Rules for fishing in Nedre Hagbyåns Fish Management Area

1. Nedre Hagbyåns fish management area stretches from the border between Igelösa och Broby to the river mouth. Shorelines marked red are banned from fishing. Shorelines marked green are allowed for fishing. See map for details.

2. Only 1 fishingrod per fisherman allowed, when baitfishing 3 rods allowed.

3. Gaffhook forbidden.

4. Baitfishing is allowed downstream the old woodenbridge march 4 until november 30. In the rest of the fish management area baitfishing is forbidden from march 4  until april 30, spinn and flyfishing allowed 4 march until september 30.

5. 1 salmon/sea trout can be landed per fisherman per day. All salmonfish has to be registered, weighed and measured the same day, only thereafter can the catch be taken home. For other species of fish the biggest fish/species are to be reported after a fishingday. The catch is reported on a board at Slätaboden. See map.

6. Fishing license does not allow crayfishing.

7. Wrongly hooked fish shall allways be released.

8. Salmon and sea trout smaller than 60cm shall allways be released. Perch shall allways be released.

9. Littering in and around the fishingwater will allways lead to a suspended fishinglicence. Fishermen who breaks the rules in the fish management area or beahaves inapporopriately can be suspended from further fishing in the fish management area.

10. Violation of Nedre Hagbyåns fish management area rules  which results in a suspended fishing licence, does not give the right to money refund.

11. Fisherman shall allways carry fishing licens when fishing. On request from fishing bailiff or landowner the fisherman shall present fishing licence, id and any catch.

12. Fishing from boat or other floating divice is banned.